Heterotopia is a concept introduced during the 1960s by French philosopher Michel Foucault. As suggested by its etymology,
such word neans “other places”: unlike utopias and dystopias, hetetotppoas are real places,

Among the examples enumerated by Foucault we find the mirror (where the unreal space of our reflected image
appears on the real surface of the reflecting glass), the cemetery (the city of the living that comes
intocontact with the city of the dead), or the museum (a place where time is suspended).

TEDxBari 2018 aims to question some of the many heterotopias of our own time,
particularly those places – be they physical or virtual; discursive or symbolic; natural or artificial;
ordinary or unusual; small or huge; minor or essential; permanent or ephemeral… – in which a certain kind of social,
political, cultural and moral conflicts occur (e.g.: the city and the suburbs, the startup, the sea,
the refugee camp, the internet, artificial intelligence, the body, etc.).