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Disorder. An abstract negative concept, inherently defined by its positive antonym: what is
not order is disorder.

Order tends to be conceived as something beautiful, clear, clean and harmonious;
disorder with the opposite. Many areas of our society purposefully combat disorder: no
benefits are perceived, only its potential dangers. Although these ideas are embedded in
everyday language, such a distinction should not automatically translate into a judgement
of value. We therefore ask ourselves: is disorder really so useless and harmful?

We witness an uncertain and delicate historical moment. In this context, the notion of
disorder assumes a wider and deeper significance. On the one hand, it aptly describes
some complex global scenarios we need to face; on the other, it might provide us means
to hijack established patterns of thought and models of life hindering our creativity and
problem solving skills.

Led by those who recognized the value and scope of this ambiguous and elusive concept,
the new edition of TEDxBari will present a multifocal exploration of it. From philosophy to
psychology, from art to technology, TEDxBari 2017 will look at disorder as fertile ground
for new powerful ideas.

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