November 26th Teatro Petruzzelli

Desert | h. 18:00

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Desert. A physical and imaginary place, always open to new explorations and interpretations. An image that recalls far and boundless landscapes, arid and desolated areas which are still able to emanate an ancestral charm. An idea that makes sense in many different fields, from anthropology to economics, from ecology to spirituality, from sociology to technology, passing through the art world. Nowadays, to talk about the desert is to address a wide array of contemporary topics and issues, from a less conventional point of view. Global warming, migration, the job market, the lack of communication between individuals:
the desert surrounds us, out of sight but everywhere. Like the dunes which have long served as its symbol, the desert is formless and in constant flux, at one and the same time containing and going beyond opposing elements: the end and the beginning, life and death, light and darkness, war and peace, movement and stasis, mirror images that find a balance in this mysterious place. It’s here that the new edition of TEDxBari wants to venture, transported by the stories and the ideas of those people that, for different reasons, have crossed, studied, lived a real, a figurative, or even just an imaginary desert.


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